Pipeline Inspection


Instant Onsite Results!

An unprecedented view of pipe infrastructure.

Tru Pipe uses state-of-the-art technology video inspection equipment, which allows visual documentation of sewer, storm water and water pipelines from 6” and upward to 36” in diameter. Our remote controlled video camera offers full directional viewing in horizontal pipeline without requiring digging or significant service interruption.

IMG_0858From a self- contained video pipeline inspection vehicle, Tru Pipe video and still imagery reports verify that projects meet engineering specifications and offers precise imagery for routine maintenance check-ups and rehabilitation.

With our frame-by frame full reports, your team will be able to verify specs, evaluate and pinpoint damage, locate weakened areas (future damage) and spot areas that are not operating efficiently.

  • Target cracks, holes and leaks
  • Identify blockage
  • Record water levels and capacity

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